{- |

Module      :  $Id$
Copyright   :  (c) Christian Maeder and Uni Bremen 2005
License     :  GPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt

Maintainer  :  Christian.Maeder@dfki.de
Stability   :  provisional
Portability :  mostly portable

This folder contains the Haskell logic based on programatica
<http://www.cse.ogi.edu/PacSoft/projects/programatica> from Thomas Hallgren

 * "Haskell.ATC_Haskell"   generated ATC instances

 * "Haskell.BaseATC"       handwritten ATC instances for "Haskell.ATC_Haskell"

 * "Haskell.HatAna"        calling the type checker for Haskell

 * "Haskell.Haskell2DG"    unfinished translation to development graphs

 * "Haskell.HatParser"     parsing Haskell as basic specs

 * "Haskell.Logic_Haskell" the logic instance

 * "Haskell.PreludeString" the programatica prelude as string

 * "Haskell.TiATC"         remaining ATC instances for "Haskell.Logic_Haskell"

 * "Haskell.TranslateId"   translating CASL ids to Haskell ids

 * "Haskell.Wrapper"       extracting Haskell code from structured specs


module Haskell where