Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set
Copyright(c) Klaus Luettich Uni Bremen 2002-2006
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Safe HaskellSafe



Auxiliary functions for LaTeX printing

Functions to calculate the length of a given word as it would be printed with LaTeX according to one of four categories of words useful for CASL:

  • keywords -- all the things that were printed in boldface
  • structid -- all the names used in the structured context of CASL
  • annotation -- all the comments and annotations of CASL in a smaller font
  • axiom -- identifiers in math mode for CASL Basic specs


calcLineLen :: Int -> Int Source #

functions for calculating an integer value according to a given length in LaTeX points.

axiom_width :: String -> Int Source #

latex_macro :: String -> Doc Source #

latex_macro creates a document (Doc) containing String that has a zero width. So it can be used for LaTeX-macros not needing any space, i.e. textit{ or }

flushright :: Doc -> Doc Source #

flush argument doc to the right

hc_sty_casl_keyword :: String -> Doc Source #

sort, op, pred, type and its plurals

hc_sty_axiom :: String -> Doc Source #

hc_sty_id :: String -> Doc Source #

startTab :: String Source #

a constant String for starting a LaTeX indentation with tab stop

endTab :: String Source #

a constant String for releasing a LaTeX indentation with tab stop

setTab :: String Source #

a constant String to set a tab stop and enable it

setTabWSp :: String Source #

a constant String indicating the start of a space based indentation

startAnno :: String Source #

a constant String for the start of annotations

endAnno :: String Source #

a constant string ending an annotation

escapeSpecial :: String -> String Source #

escapeLatex :: String -> String Source #