Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set
Copyright(c) Felix Gabriel Mance
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Safe HaskellNone



RDF syntax parser



uriP :: CharParser st IRI Source #

hets symbols parser

rdfSymbItems :: GenParser Char st SymbItems Source #

parses an entity type (subject, predicate or object) followed by a comma separated list of IRIs

rdfSymbs :: GenParser Char st [IRI] Source #

parse a comma separated list of uris

rdfSymbMapItems :: GenParser Char st SymbMapItems Source #

parse a possibly kinded list of comma separated symbol pairs

rdfSymbPairs :: GenParser Char st [(IRI, Maybe IRI)] Source #

parse a comma separated list of uri pairs

turtle syntax parser

skips :: CharParser st a -> CharParser st a Source #

charOrQuoteEscape :: CharParser st String Source #

longLiteral :: CharParser st (String, Bool) Source #

shortLiteral :: CharParser st (String, Bool) Source #

stringLiteral :: CharParser st RDFLiteral Source #

literal :: CharParser st RDFLiteral Source #

parseBase :: CharParser st Base Source #

parsePrefix :: CharParser st Prefix Source #

parsePredicate :: CharParser st Predicate Source #

parseSubject :: CharParser st Subject Source #

parseObject :: CharParser st Object Source #

parseTriples :: CharParser st Triples Source #

parseComment :: CharParser st () Source #

parseStatement :: CharParser st Statement Source #