Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set
Copyright(c) DFKI Bremen 2008
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Safe HaskellSafe



The OMDoc folder contains the import and epxort functions from CASL to OMDoc (see http://www.omdoc.org).

There is also an instance of Logic.Logic (the data for this is assembled in OMDoc.Logic_OMDoc), but this is not complete yet.

The files OMDocInput and OMDocOutput are the main files responsible for the export and, respectively, import of the CASL files to OMDoc format. These are the central files, which are characterized by the following hierarchical absrtact layers:

  1. CASL Abstract Syntax (which embeddes also the "CASL Text") is the lowest level, responsible for interpreting CASL concepts and syntax.
  2. OMDoc Abstract Syntax ( defined in OMDoc.OMDocInterface ) is responsbile for representing the OMDoc's logic in an abstract way (with no XML tag deliminters). The communication channel between these 2 first layers is fortified by OMDocDefs (deals exclusively with OMDoc namings) and HetsDefs (deals with CASL data structures). This layer also communicates with ATerms layer via ATerm and "ATC_OMDoc.der" (see Logic_OMDoc for details)
  3. XML Abstract Syntax is a middle layer, which adds removes the OMDoc tag-elements, while preserving and sending the OMDoc contents to the lower layer (via OMDoc.OMDocXML which is responsible for XML conversion for OMDoc model (in out)).
  4. OMDoc XML is the top layer, which takes care of the final OMDoc input or output files. It parses the OMDoc documents via an XML handler (see OMDoc.XmlHandling and HXT package for details).

The OMDoc folder also contains some additional files, which are as well used in the transformation: OMDoc.Container and OMDoc.Util - utility functions "OMDoc.HetsInterface.hspp" - is a Test function OMDoc.KeyDebug - used in debugging OMDoc.CASLOutput - takes care of CASL.Morphism transformation to OMDoc. The module is used by the function "createOMMorphism" from OMDoc.OMDocOutput

The Basic subdirectory contains the CASL's basic transformation in OMDoc format.