Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set
Copyright(c) Till Mossakowski and Uni Magdeburg 2003-2016
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Portabilitynon-portable (imports Logic.Grothendieck)
Safe HaskellNone



Static analysis of DOL OMS and networks and CASL (heterogeneous) structured specifications Follows the semantics of DOL OMS and networks, DOL OMG standard, clauses 10.2.2 and 10.2.3



anaSpec :: Bool -> Bool -> LogicGraph -> LibEnv -> LibName -> DGraph -> MaybeNode -> NodeName -> HetcatsOpts -> ExpOverrides -> SPEC -> Range -> Result (SPEC, NodeSig, DGraph) Source #

analyze a SPEC. The first Bool Parameter determines if incoming symbols shall be ignored while the second determines if the nodes should be optimized away for specifications without parameters. The options are needed to check: shall only the structure be analysed?

insLink :: DGraph -> GMorphism -> DGLinkType -> DGLinkOrigin -> Node -> Node -> DGraph Source #

extendMorphism Source #


:: Bool

check sharing (False for lambda expressions)

-> G_sign

formal parameter

-> G_sign


-> G_sign

actual parameter

-> G_morphism

fitting morphism

-> Result (G_sign, G_morphism) 

expandCurieByPath :: FilePath -> IRI -> Maybe IRI Source #

type ExpOverrides = Map IRI FilePath Source #

notFoundError :: String -> IRI -> Result a Source #

networkDiagram :: DGraph -> [LABELED_ONTO_OR_INTPR_REF] -> [IRI] -> ([Node], [(Node, Node, DGLinkLab)]) Source #

build the diagram of a network specified as a list of network elements to be added | and a list of network elements to be removed