Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set
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This folder contains the static analysis of heterogeneous specifications (which is based on the static analysis of basic specifications, as provided by the individual logics).

Static.DevGraph contains data structures for heterogeneous development graphs, which are the result of the static analysis. Heterogeneous development graphs are based on the Grothendieck logic implemented by the module Logic.Grothendieck.

Static.PrintDevGraph provides pretty printing for development graphs. Static.DotGraph draws a development graph using the dot tool http://www.graphviz.org/.

Static.AnalysisStructured provides the static analysis of heterogeneous structured specifications, Static.AnalysisArchitecture that of architectural specifications, and Static.AnalysisLibrary that of libraries. Static.ArchDiagram contains the amalgamability analysis for architectural diagrams, needed for the extended static semantics of architectural specifications.